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Whether you have tooth pain because of an infection, or it's time to get your wisdom teeth removed, Gentle Dental P.C. offers the experienced dentistry and advanced techniques you need. After your surgery, your pain will be alleviated, and you'll smile with confidence.

Call today for extractions, root canals, and more!

•  Root canal fillings

•  Root canal therapy

•  Basic extractions

•  Wisdom teeth removal

•  24/7 emergency service

•  Affordable pricing

Comprehensive restorative care

Money is the last thing you want to think about when you need oral surgery. At Gentle Dental P.C., we welcome most types of insurance and government assistance. You'll get convenient insurance processing, and easy acceptance of all major credit cards.

We accept most insurance plans

Tooth pain can strike at any time. If you wake in pain in the middle of the night or haven't made an appointment, get in touch with our friendly, on-call dentists for fast, same-day care.

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