Let Gentle Dental Reveal your Naturally Radiant Smile

Let Gentle Dental Reveal your Naturally Radiant Smile

Offering on-site denture services in Cedar Rapids, IA

Eat the food you love. Speak to your family easily. Smile with confidence! You can have all of this and more by getting dentures from Gentle Dental PC. Here’s how the process works:

  • Schedule an initial appointment and we’ll take an impression of your mouth
  • Come back for a bite registration appointment to make sure your midline lines up
  • Visit again to try on the dentures and see if the color and size present a natural look
  • We’ll make your dentures in-house so you can have them back as soon as possible

Call now to schedule an appointment for dentures at our Cedar Rapids, IA dentist office.

You can have your new dentures in just a week

If you need dentures, you don’t want to wait for them. Every day you spend without them is another day wasted eating food you don’t like. Get your dentures fast so you can feel confident in your smile and regain your ability to eat your favorite foods.

Gentle Dental has an on-site denture lab for quality control and efficiency. Want to learn more? Call 319-393-7000 now for more information.